Frequently asked questions

How much are Virtual Assistants paid?

VA's are paid around double the Filipino minimum wage. VA's consider themselves very lucky to be working for US employers at this rate. Included in the hourly rate, we provide the benefits of health insurance, paid time off, and bonuses.

How many hours do I need a VA for?

First-time entrepreneurs always underestimate the number of hours they can utilize a VA. To mitigate the startup risks, we have a two-week trial period for $150 so that you can try your VA for 20 hours and gauge if you're ready to outsource. You can then adjust the hours you need after that.

How do I manage a VA?

We provide you a VA management training mini-course so you can be successful when you bring on a VA.

Do the virtual assistants speak good English?

Our VAs speak/write near-native English.

What if I don’t like my VA?

We find you a replacement VA for no extra fee.

Is my virtual assistant my employee?

Logistically yes, but legally no. Your VA is an independent contractor meaning you don't need to pay any taxes or extra fees. Your VA will sign an NDA (provided by Coconut VA) so that you don't need to worry about maliciousness. If you hire the VA for 40/hrs per week, for all intents and purposes they act as your in-house employee. If you hire them for less than 40 hours, they will work with you on a mutually agreeable schedule.