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You're Not
Ready Yet

Based on your answers, if you were to hire a virtual assistant you might not have a successful experience at this time.

Lack of Budget

While virtual assistants cost less than half compared to their US counterparts, not everyone is in the position to spend $800/month yet.

Tip: As you you grow your business and prepare to hire a VA, keep a list of monotonous tasks that you encounter so you know exactly what to hand off when the time comes.

Lack of Delegation Skills

If you're a perfectionist or a micromanager, don't hire a VA because you won't be able to let go and it will be a negative experience for the both of you.

Tip: Prime your delegation skills with a low-cost learning experience - offer a 60-day unpaid internship role at your company. Find candidates on Handshake. As you practice delegation for 5-10 hours per week, you can prepare yourself to hire a 20-hr per week VA.

Lack of Tasks

You may think you don't have enough work for a VA at this time.

Tip: Ask your US colleagues or employees if they could spend more time on money-generating activities if you were to hire a VA shared among the entire office.