Password Management with Your Virtual Assistant

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Working with a VA is a big step for a business owner, but it raises many questions. One of the first questions that anyone considering hiring an assistant has is how to share passwords with your VA.

After all, passwords contain sensitive information.

Not only that, but a password frequently opens the door to accounts containing sensitive financial information. Having shared passwords with someone who is essentially a stranger over the internet is unsettling, if not downright frightening.

Furthermore, how do you go about safely sharing the password?

How to Share Passwords with Your VA

Fortunately, the problem of password sharing has been effectively resolved.

There are online tools you can use to share passwords that will not jeopardize the security of your data.

In fact, it is entirely possible to give someone your login credentials for any website without the other person even knowing what your password is.

What We Recommend

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We've done the research for you on Password Management - go with LastPass!

LastPass has a free option that allows you to share as many passwords as you'd like with one person, your Virtual Assistant.

​LastPass allows you to select which passwords you'd like to share with them, and it lets you take that access away whenever you want.

The best part about this system is that your Virtual Assistant never sees your password, they are just being given access to select accounts by LastPass entering in the password.

We may update this post in the future with a review of the best-paid password management software, but you can't go wrong with this Free option especially if you're only in need of one Virtual Assistant.

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If you're looking for a password solution, this is definitely worth a look because it's free and highly recommended. If you're going to start trying it out and testing it, go to, try it out, and start sharing it with your virtual team so that you can free up more time on your plate and, hopefully, for your business.