Project Management Software

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Project Management Software is software that is used for project planning, resource allocation, and scheduling in a variety of industries.

It gives project managers and entire teams control over their budgets, quality management, and all documentation exchanged all throughout a project.

This software also acts as a platform for project stakeholders to collaborate.

There is a lot to consider when running and managing projects, from tracking down deliverables to managing resources, and from budget management to collaborate with team members. This too is true when it comes to selecting the best project management software tool.

What We Recommend

At Coconut VA, we use A few alternatives that we've tried in the past are Asana and Trello. is slightly more expensive than those two options, but we've found the price difference to be worth it. has a very user-friendly interface and the capabilities are impressive.

We actually use for our CRM as well as our project management software. We've found that the built-in automation can do almost everything we need it to, and if it ever falls short, then Zapier can usually fill in those gaps. is built mainly on Boards. Each Board, like an "Employees" Board, has several Groups. Each Group can have any amount of Tasks or Clients. In our Employees Board, we have Radar, To-Do, and Done groups.

Picture of screenshot

As you can see, the user interface is clean and compact. On the right-hand side, we can add sub-items, assign a Person, as well as tons of other column options.

Another column we use often is "Status" where we can mark a certain task as "Working on it" or "Done."

A board like this is so helpful for a Virtual Assistant. You as an employer can easily jot down ideas in the Radar group, assign a specific task in the To-do group, and watch completed tasks roll into the Done group as your Virtual Assistant completes each task!

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To select the best project management software, consider factors such as the size of your business and team, the number of features you require, and which of those features you value the most.

In any case, I believe you'll soon realize that having such software in place will make your day-to-day work much easier.