The Top 4 ROI Activities for Your Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistants can be a jack-of-all-trades or an industry expert, it just depends on what your business needs.

Knowing their unique skills, honing them, and increasing their potential will not only improve your business, but it will also allow you to leverage their skills to build YOUR income.

Top 4 Activities that will Maximize ROI

Here are the top 4 activities that will maximize ROI for every dollar you spend on your Virtual Assistant:


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Building a blog can be one of the most time-consuming methods of building an online presence. The reason why so many people recommend it is because it's effective!

Regular and constant updating of these blogs is essential for your business to create its mark in search results. Your Virtual Assistant can take this weight off of your shoulders by instituting and maintaining a company blog.


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Staying active and relevant on social media takes up a lot of time and effort as a business owner, making this one of the most attractive tasks to delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

Social media is an extremely important part of any business, and Virtual Assistants can become adept at running social media with a few Udemy or YouTube courses. Depending on their industry experience, they can also generate unique, original content for you.


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People prefer to watch rather than read. A clever and unique video, successfully marketed, will generate more traffic than you would normally get with articles. Many Virtual Assistants can do video marketing all on their own, but we've noticed that they are especially effective at video editing.

You are the face of your company. Once you've created original content, your Virtual Assistant can then take the reins and edit your video marketing to perfection.


Picture of a woman with lead generation on her laptop screen.

One of the most popular uses for a Virtual Assistant is Lead Generation. Most of us have experienced the monotony of lead generation, but we typically aren't experts at it. Lead Gen VA's often know of more software's, tips, and tricks than business owners do.

You will love being able to tell your Lead Gen VA what market you're in and then having leads roll in.

Depending on their previous experience, industry knowledge, and English proficiency, they can even take those mass cold leads and turn them into warm leads. We've had several Virtual Assistants who respond quicker and more thoughtfully to potential clients than we do as business owners.

We have an article that would help you know more about Lead Generation.


Virtual Assistants often already have the basics of these skills under the belt, but if not, you'll be surprised at how quickly they learn. As you see the quality of their work and experience how quickly they work, you'll be eager to give them even more tasks to learn and execute.

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