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What Can Virtual Assistants Do For You?

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A virtual assistant is a self-employed professional who specializes in providing administrative services to clients from a remote location, typically a home office.

A virtual assistant's typical responsibilities include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

How can Virtual Assistants help you?

A better question is: what can a remote worker do for you?

​A Virtual Assistant, like myself, can perform any task that a U.S.-based remote worker can do.

To make it easy to understand, we talk about Virtual Assistants in two ways: General Virtual assistants, and Specialist Virtual Assistants.

General Virtual Assistants

General Virtual Assistants are best for smaller companies that have many different small tasks. These Virtual Assistants are your typical "jack-of-all-trades," where they will be able to help you with lead gen when you need it, but they can also help you with graphic design, website design, customer service, etc.

Specialist Virtual Assistants

Specialist Virtual Assistants are the type of people that have a strong skill in one area and they are ready to work full-time in that area. They are experts in their respective fields.

In our experience, companies typically want a specialist with expertise in Lead Generation. These Virtual Assistants can literally be your Sales Development Representatives.

Other Specialist Virtual Assistants:

  • programmers

  • front-end developers

  • human resources

  • social media managers, content writers

  • copywriters

  • customer service agents

  • data security personnel


Virtual Assistants can do anything that needs to be done in your company. Hiring these Virtual Assistants from Coconut VA will make the process easy for you, and you don't have to deal with any "bad apple" VA's.

Remember, Coconut Virtual Assistants are perfectly capable of the work that any remote worker can do.