Getaway Rewards
Earn rewards when you help us empower entrepreneurs and uplift VAs

FREE Getaway?

Here's how you can attend a Coconut VA Getaway for absolutely free:

Coconut VA - The World’s Best Virtual Assistants
Earn $250 Getaway Credit every time:
  • Your referrals start a free trial
  • Your referrals get additional VAs
  • You get additional VAs
(Your referrals get $50 off their first trial by mentioning your name on the strategy call)
Coconut VA - The World’s Best Virtual Assistants
Save 50% off all Getaways
  • When you give 3 or more referrals; or
  • Become a Coconut VA client
Coconut VA - The World’s Best Virtual Assistants
Bring a free plus-one to your Getaway
  • By reaching the top of the Leader Board


Check here to see how much Getaway Credit you have saved up!
This Credit can be used to make any of our upcoming retreats heavily discounted, or even free.

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Seth Waite
Seth Waite - $2250
George Munguia
George Munguia - $1750
Zach Frantz
Zach Frantz - $1500
Jeff Erickson
Jeff Erickson - $750
Jonathan Engle
Jonathan Engle - $750
Jamie Wilkey
Jamie Wilkey - $750
Bruce Christy
Bruce Christy - $750
Spencer Walker
Spencer Walker - $500
Mark Richburg
Mark Richburg - $500
Phil Kirkeiner
Phil Kirkeiner - $400
Molly Wemlinger
Molly Wemlinger - $250
Victoria Reinhartz
Victoria Reinhartz - $250
Luiggi Pera
Luiggi Pera - $250
Abe Bedard
Abe Bedard - $250
Cameron Stoker
Cameron Stoker - $250
Kathleen Reilly
Kathleen Reilly - $250
Jason Crystal
Jason Crystal - $250
Brad Parker
Brad Parker - $250
Pete Lietz
Pete Lietz - $250
Taylor Bench
Taylor Bench - $250
Kevin Ovalle
Kevin Ovalle - $250
Earl Foote
Earl Foote - $250
Garrett Jestice
Garrett Jestice - $250
Shyam Kumar
Shyam Kumar - $250
Jake Cazier
Jake Cazier - $250
Heather Mason
Heather Mason - $250
Hannes Edinger
Hannes Edinger - $250
Garret Cragun
Garret Cragun - $250
Adam Knihtila
Adam Knihtila - $250
Melanie Dorion
Melanie Dorion - $250
Erin-Kate Whitcomb
Erin-Kate Whitcomb - $250
John Dodson
John Dodson - $250
Yunche Wilson
Yunche Wilson - $250
Kevin Fornier
Kevin Fornier - $250
Corey Engel
Corey Engel - $250
Audrey Saccone
Audrey Saccone - $250
Stephanie Acker
Stephanie Acker - $250
Angela - $250
Travis Saint
Travis Saint - $250
Grace Mcbride
Grace Mcbride - $250
Will Miao
Will Miao - $250
John Sillings
John Sillings - $250
Vivian Yip
Vivian Yip - $250
Trent Mano
Trent Mano - $250
Garett Jestice
Garett Jestice - $250
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Getaway Credit be used for?

Getaway Credit can be used for any Coconut VA Getaway. You can earn 50% off the Getaways by becoming a Coconut VA Client OR referring 3+ people. You can then use your Getaway Credit on the remaining balance.

Can non-CVA clients earn credit?

Yes! Anyone is eligible for our Coconut VA Rewards Program.

How can credit help me join a retreat quicker?

Coconut VA Getaway Credit can help reduce the cost of an upcoming Coconut VA Getaway. This Credit could also be used to elevate your experience by upgrading your accommodations (subject to availability).

How to become an ambassador?

Everyone is eligible for our Coconut VA Rewards Program. You can be entered into our program as soon as you've made your first referral or by becoming a Coconut VA Client.

Does my Getaway Credit expire?

Unused credit expires after 18 months. We want you to use it quickly because your personal life and business will be better for it.

What counts as a trial period?

A Referral is only counted once your referral has started the Trial Period. A Trial Period is the very first step to hiring a Coconut VA. A new Coconut VA Client would tell us what VA they're looking for, pay a $250 invoice, and then we'd get to work sourcing that VA. Once we've landed on the ideal candidate, a new client is able to work with that VA for 20 hours before deciding to move past the Trial Period.

Even if your Referral doesn't move past the Trial Period, you will still receive Getaway Credit. It's our job to make sure the Trial Period is successful and each client finds their ideal VA.

How do I redeem my Getaway Credit?

We’ll help you redeem your credit as soon as you’ve signaled interest in an upcoming Getaway.

Do I get credit if I start a CVA contract?

You won't receive Getaway Credit upon hire of your first VA, but you will receive Credit on any additional VAs. This does not include hiring a VA as a replacement.

Can I cash out my Getaway Credit if I no longer want to attend any Getaways?

Yes, we offer a $100 Gift Card or $250 Getaway Credit. If you no longer want to use Credit, we will transfer that credit back to the $100 Gift Card.