Say Hello to Freedom!

We help small business owners get out of the mundane tasks that keep them working outside the 9-5.


The Hiring

We screen through 100's of applicants to find you 3 rockstar candidates who you can interview.

The Legal

We take care of the tax forms, and Independent contractor agreements so that you can easily onboard the right VA.

The Payroll

Let us take care of payroll, transfer fees, exchange rates, and all the headaches.

The Benefits

We provide our Filipino VAs with stability, culture, and competitive benefits so that they stay with you for years to come.


You're a small business owner who wears too many hats. You'd love a virtual assistant, but you may not have enough work to hire a specialized VA full-time.

We solve this problem by finding VAs who have a primary background in a specific skill you need (such as prospecting) and the willingness to learn secondary and tertiary skills such as graphic design, customer support, email management and more.

Coconut VA

Discover what Coconut VA can do for you.

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